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                                                 Accessibility statement


Our company joins the overall effort to make websites accessible to surfers with special needs.

The company makes and will make every effort to make the site accessible to the entire population.

The accessibility of the site was done through an accessibility accessibility plugin and it helps to meet the Israeli criteria and standard at the AA accessibility level.


This site has been tested in the following browsers:


  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Explorer 10+
  • Edge
  • Opera

How to use the accessibility function:

  • You can click on the accessibility icon on the side of the site and open the accessibility menu that will display all the different accessibility options.
  • Alternatively, you can press the SHIFT + 1 button on the keyboard to open the shortcut menu and navigate using the TAB key on the keyboard, to switch between the various options, in order to make a selection press the ENTER key




Accessibility issues? Please write to us:

As you know, a website is dynamic and changes are made on a daily basis, we make every effort to maintain accessibility even while maintaining the site. Despite our efforts, in case you encounter any problem with accessibility on the site, we contacted us and drew our attention to the source of the problem, so we will act quickly to correct it. The fault and your details to contact for further treatment.

The site may display content or refer to a third party and we cannot be responsible for this, but we will thank you for reporting in these cases as well so that we can report to the same provider.

For any inquiries, requests or questions, please contact us at:


Fun surfing for everyone on the accessibility team.





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