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General Terms



Olympus Conferences and Tourism Ltd. (hereinafter: "the Company" and / or "Olympus") is a travel agency that sells and organizes vacation packages and tourism services through service providers in Israel and abroad, in accordance with the details specified in each order.


Olympus undertakes to execute each order with skill and dedication, and to provide all the information relevant to the transaction by making the adjustment to the requested.


Olympus is not responsible in any way for any malfunctions, due to poor performance of the services related to service providers, or due to factors that are not dependent on it and especially in events such as: strikes, weather, holidays and the like. An order placed on the Website for one or more of the tourism services offered by Olympus constitutes the customer's full approval of all the terms and conditions set forth in this section and the following sections relating to all the various services.

At the same time, Olympus will act with loyalty and dedication to the customer as much as possible in these cases and in any question, inquiry or malfunction, any order on the website will have the legal meaning as ordering a product through different service providers and in accordance with the terms of each order with the same supplier. .


It should be emphasized that before the final approval of any order by the various service providers in Israel and / or abroad, each order will be considered a conditional order until the date of its final approval and therefore will not bind the company, but only a request to place an order.


Until final approval is received, the price can change on demand from the service providers and that in the event of such a change, the customer will be given the option to cancel his order without charge. To the extent that there is a change in the rate of port taxes, security levies and / or any other tax or levy applicable to the customer from the date of the order until the date of delivery of the services, the difference resulting from the change in these components will be paid to the customer and in accordance with existing law.


o It is clarified that the customer shall not be deprived of his right to apply to other courts and / or in any direct claim against the company and / or the supplier.



o Any order on the company's website and / or through the assistance of an agent and / or call center of the company, constitutes your consent to accept and act in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, these Terms and Conditions should be read in full.



It is the duty of every surfer / customer to review these conditions in detail - add a button that goes down to the bottom as in Google

All information that appears and / or is indicated on the company's website regarding the details of the services is in accordance with the information received from the various providers. The Company's liability for this information is limited to the fact that it originates from the providers or service providers that offer them for sale.

Insurance -

Please note that you must provide adequate, comphensive and comphensive insurance according to your needs, including a personal insurance policy, medical insurance, travel insurance, flight and luggage. The insurance must be booked before the date of travel. To the extent that the customer voluntarily chooses not to take out insurance, the sole responsibility for the results will apply to the customer.


In addition to the above, cargo / travel insurance can be taken out for flight cancellation insurance and extended medical policies depending on the medical condition of each client.


Passports and visas for entry into a foreign country -

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain an Israeli passport valid for at least six (6) months, from the date of departure from the country, with appropriate entry visas (visas) in accordance with each destination country and in accordance with its laws.


In addition, it is the duty of a customer to indicate to Olympus Conferences and Tourism Ltd. if he has a foreign passport that is not Israeli for the purpose of matching the information needed to enter a foreign country.


All handling of passports, visas, etc. is the sole responsibility of the passenger, unless the agent does not explicitly inform the customer of these conditions. Customers holding an Israeli travel document must obtain an entry visa to any country they intend to travel to, Visa to the destination to which they are traveling.


According to the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior, a passenger who holds an Israeli passport or Israeli travel documents must leave the country with his help, even if he has another non-Israeli passport.


European passport holders - traveling to the US - are required to register 72 hours in advance on the US Immigration Service website. Failure to comply with the above procedure will not constitute a basis for a refund for an unused card.


It is the responsibility of each customer to provide all the information in his possession, in order to ensure that no restriction and / or legal restriction applies to him outside the borders of the country. It is the customer's responsibility to check that his passport is valid, and that he has all the permits and entry visas required for the trip.

Departure of minors

In accordance with international conventions in the world and in Israel, the departure of minors under the age of 18 abroad is not accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian, unless the minor is legally notarized and required by any state.


Olympus recommends that its customers go to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and verify all the details before traveling





Flights may also be charter flights and / or scheduled flights, the details of which may change from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the various airlines, even after booking, including in terms of dates, routes and details of the airline.

The responsibility for delays, changes, cancellations, loss or delay of baggage is according to the law and is imposed on the airline and / or flight organizer depending on the circumstances and the booked service. The airport / service providers It is the customer's responsibility to verify whether there have been changes in the flight details and to leave contact details for the purpose of updating any changes, as far as these are provided by the airline.


Draw the customer's attention to the Aviation Services Law, according to which the air carrier and / or carrier may cancel the flight ticket, provided that he notifies the customer no less than 14 days before the flight date.


The relevant laws, including the Air Transport Law, the Montreal Convention, the Warsaw Convention and the Aviation Services Act, shall apply to the customer's air transport and his dignity.


For the convenience of surfers, the provisions of the law can be seen as attached in the Aviation Services Law.


Olympus will forward to the carrier any special request of the customer, but it does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled, unless it is a material request of the customer due to his special needs and as a condition of booking, and was approved by the carrier together with the booking confirmation.


The meals provided on flights, insofar as they are provided, are the sole responsibility of the air carrier. Olympus cannot undertake to provide special food (kosher, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), even if the food is ordered in advance by the customer. It will be clarified that the requests are forwarded directly to the airlines, the requested food supply is their responsibility and options.


A passenger is required to check in at the airport at the relevant terminal both in Israel and abroad 3 hours before the departure date.

According to the instructions of the various airlines and service providers, the weight of baggage allowed to be boarded on international flights is:

o 20 kg of luggage in the trunk and 8 kg for a handbag in the passenger compartment - on flights within Israel, 10 kg of luggage in the trunk and 5 kg for a handbag in the passenger compartment.

Please note, in the event that flights are purchased with Low Cost companies when the baggage rates and / or any other service are charged in accordance with the company policy differently, the airlines may charge extra for excess weight including baggage at a rate set by them and at their sole discretion.


The airlines do not undertake to accept the dignity of a passenger on the same flight with him. If the luggage has exceeded the allowable amount, even if he paid for the excess weight, this does not constitute an obligation to receive the luggage on the same flight. In these exceptional cases, the baggage will arrive on another flight, under the responsibility of the airline.


In case of loss and / or damage to your luggage at the destination station abroad, you must contact the office of the transportation agent in the arrivals hall and make sure to fill out a loss / damage form for the luggage.


pgnant women must, from the 24th week, receive a medical certificate in the English language, which indicates that the pgnancy is normal and that they are not pvented from participating in the flight. Arriving on a flight without such medical clearance may lead to the refusal of the air crew to allow the pgnant passenger to participate in the flight.


pgnant women beyond week 27 are not allowed to fly in accordance with international conventions and the client must update the travel agent before booking.


Confirmation of return flight

You must confirm the return flight 72 hours before the return date, depending on the details on the flight ticket you have. The responsibility applies to the customer by providing an overseas telephone number or other means of communication such as e-mail, to receive notifications of changes to the travel agent handling the trip and / or to the airline or service provider overseas upon confirmation, and to verify that you can be reached using this telephone number.





Transfers from the airport with the provision of the service ordered and the airport approved to the hotel and back in packages where there is a transfer service only will be done centrally by bus which in most destinations acts as a collector on a regular route between different hotels Different. Transfers are the responsibility of the supplier and a repsentative of the local supplier should be contacted in case of any problem.



The price shown for a vacation in Israel is the price per couple per night, subject to a minimum of nights, unless otherwise stated. The price shown for a vacation abroad is per person in a double room, unless otherwise stated. In hotels in Israel, entry to the rooms will be from 15:00 (except Saturday - entry on Saturday). Check-out time will be until 11:00 in the morning. Any booking that includes a baby in the room composition - will be finally approved by the agent only. The responsibility for the arrangement of the rooms in the hotel and / or the correctness of the facilities and / or service in the hotel, including the air conditioning system, is the sole responsibility of the hotel and / or the service provider.


The cleaning and maintenance of the rooms or facilities of the hotel is not under the responsibility or control of Olympus.


The rooms in the hotels are double rooms with 2 beds or a double bed. Reservations are made for a hotel room when in terms of the hotel there is no difference between the different rooms. Olympus cannot guarantee in advance a customer requirement for a room type, room location, neither on the relevant floor nor on the requested side and / or receipt of a connecting door.



It is not possible to guarantee early entry or late departure from the hotel (passengers must leave the hotel rooms by 11:00 on the day of departure, even if the flights take off at night). Check-in time starts at 15:00.


The reception of the rooms in the hotel is according to the existing inventory. As the hotel has in addition to the main building also various wings, villas and bungalows that are an integral part of the hotel, Olympus Conferences and Tourism cannot guarantee that all passengers will stay in a main building, and "Olympus Conferences and Tourism" and / or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible. The resulting hotel rooms will be far from the general services. Also, if several rooms are booked by the customer, Olympus Conferences and Tourism does not guarantee that all passengers will be accommodated nearby.


In case of booking a room for more than 2 people it is possible that a folding bed or extra beds will be added to a double room, but Olympus Conferences and Tourism cannot guarantee a larger room in this case. A single room is inherently smaller. Special rooms for the disabled require the receipt of a specific prior written approval from the rooms regarding their suitability for the needs of the disabled.


In the event of a special request by the passenger, Olympus undertakes to forward the request to the service provider, but there will be no obligation on the part of the customer to fulfill it, unless the passenger has been confirmed in writing that his request will be met. When a special request included in an order relates to essential requirements for the customer due to his unique needs, Olympus will check with the service provider whether the customer's request can be complied with, and will inform the customer of the results of its examination before final approval of the request.



All details published in the organizer's publications regarding the hotel facilities are published according to the hotel's publications and the organizer does not bear any responsibility if the facility of the hotel facilities is not used during the passenger's stay at the hotel. It will be clarified that Olympus Conferences and Tourism is not responsible in the event of a nuisance due to renovations and / or construction at or near the hotel, provided that it provided the passenger when making the reservation with any information it knew or should have known about such nuisance.


Accommodation taxes - In some cities and destinations in the world hotel prices do not include accommodation taxes. The passenger must pay the same taxes directly at the hotels. The tax will apply to every tourist who stay at a hotel in the city or destination where the local authorities have decided to impose the accommodation tax, depending on the level of the hotel.



Car rental

It is the tenant's responsibility to update Olympus if they are under 25 years of age. In addition, the tenant (listed on the voucher) must have an international credit card in his name, and an Israeli driver's license together with an international license when they are valid and their details are the same. The rental company does not undertake to supply a vehicle of a particular model, but only of a particular group of vehicles. The company is not responsible and will not bear payments for overtime parking hours even if these overtime hours were not caused due to the actions / omissions of the passenger / customer including due to delays / cancellations of flights. The traffic laws of each country can be checked online or at MMSI.


Holiday Cruises

In addition to any other provision and without derogating from it, special provisions as specified will apply to booking holiday cruises. Booking a room on a ship is for a room of the lowest rating available on the ship, unless otherwise expssly stated in the booking documents. Often these rooms are for a stay of at least 4 people, and the price listed on the website refers to a single passenger in such a room. The determining departure dates are those specified in the boarding documents, unless the customer has been given an explicit notice from the travel agent on behalf of the company or directly from the various service providers about the change of departure dates, which exceeds all stated in another document.


The client must arrive at the check-in counters at the port of departure 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. The client must appear for the voyage with an Israeli passport valid for the six months following the date of the voyage and all visas required for departure from Israel and entry into the destination countries. Selection tours on land offered to sailors are not included or related to the cruise, and are provided by local tourism service providers. The length of stay of the sailors on land is not the responsibility of the sailing operator, and he is not responsible for any damage caused to the sailors during these times. Customers must make sure to return to the ship at the exact time they were asked to do so.




Organized trips

The detailed routes of the trips describe the visit sites included in the trip but not necessarily the agenda and visits, and are intended for the purpose of general details of the planned trip route only and not of the order of operation. There may be changes in the order of overnight stays, tours and visits, and they are at the discretion of the various service providers or the tour guide depending on the constraints of operating the actual trip. It is advisable not to make plans that are not related to the trip based on a visit to a particular destination included in the trip at a particular time.



The number of days of the trip includes the day of departure and the day of return in accordance with the schedule of the flights included in the organized trip. The customer is not obligated to participate in any activity included in the trip, but will not be entitled to any refund or compensation for any part of the trip that he did not participate in of his choice.


The detailed tours are open for registration to the entire general public and without age limit, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The organizers do not guarantee that there will be any match between the participants in the trip, including the age of the participants, and they do not set any pconditions as a condition for registration for the trip.



The various tour organizers do not undertake to stay in city centers or anywhere, and this is subject to the considerations involved in running the tour. Accommodation is possible outside the city or in the city area or in a city close to the one indicated on the itinerary.


Participants will receive a list of hotels where they will stay a few days before the departure of the trip. The tour operator's obligation is to rate the hotel level only and not to identify it, and it reserves the right to change or change hotel to another hotel, if necessary, even during the tour and without prior notice in accordance with considerations related to operating the tour. Therefore, it is advisable not to rely on the hotel list for any purpose other than the intended hotel level rating. It is advisable for the client not to rely on the planned stay in any hotel for activities not related to the trip, as these may change at any time.



In the case of a special request, the rules as stated above will be complied with in respect of any additional request and / or any essential request and / or for personal needs and by prior notice. All other provisions as aforesaid specified in the general terms and conditions above shall apply with the requested changes as aforesaid in relation to an organized trip including the terms of cancellation and the changes which will apply to any booking.



Charges and cancellations

It is the duty of each customer to be updated on the cancellation fee rate for each product and / or service in accordance with the supplier's terms and / or in accordance with the terms listed below (see Cancellation Terms)


The prices listed on the Olympus website are final prices which include taxes and fees.


The prices on the website are for online orders only. Customers requesting additional service and telephone consultation will be charged a handling fee of $ 8 per person. Reservations on the Olympus website are completely secure.



** Update regarding Corona virus outbreak **


In the event of cancellation and / or change and / or any action performed by the agent including refunds involving an agent's action against the service providers and / or the airline following the virus or other products that service providers cancel without cancellation fees due to the circumstances, $ 25 per passenger / Ordering treatment fee.

In addition, according to the provisions of the Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance - Temporary Order), the government approved the amendment to the Aviation Law by extending the return date for a flight that has been canceled from 21 days to 90 days.




If there are children in the booking of the flight / package, the customer must update Olympus. If there is a discount, it will be determined by the supplier according to age.


If there is a discrepancy between the prices that appear on the website and the prices at the reservation center, the price that will be determined is according to the reservation center. If a request for payment of the reservation is submitted by someone who is not one of the passengers, the payment will be made in cash or by bank transfer only.



The payment will be made at the sale rate for transfers and checks, as high as it appears by a bank in Israel on the business day prior to the date of payment.


Except for booking additional tourist services, such as accommodation, sailing and car rental services not purchased as part of a vacation package, which includes flight tickets, for which payment will be made at a high cash rate as stated by the Bank of Israel on the business day prior to payment.


The customer's credit card will be debited in foreign currency according to its value in shekels in accordance with the rate of transfers and checks of the Bank of Israel at the time of billing.



It is expssly clarified that the customer's obligation to pay for the order is independent of anything, including the credit company's approval to charge the customer's credit card in general or in the requested manner, and the ability to charge the credit card in general or in the requested manner is not a condition of the customer's contract. The prices of the services offered on the site and the number of available places in them are taken directly in real time from the various providers, and change frequently. The determining order price is the price at the time of ordering, subject to its approval by the various service providers.

Please note - credits will be given according to the foreign exchange rate on the day of the original payment.


All orders are subject to change or cancellation fees from the moment the order is confirmed by the supplier. Depending on the rates of the meter and / or the various suppliers, which vary according to each product.


You have various ways to announce the cancellation of a transaction as stated on the cancellations page. Cancellation Terms


All orders are subject to change or cancellation fees from the moment the order is approved in accordance with what is specified in the order, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, Section 14C, inter alia, as detailed below.


For any order for which no cancellation fee is specified that is not in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the cancellation price is not specified, the cancellation fee will be at full rate (100%), and cancellation of a reservation will not entitle you to any refund except port taxes and security fees paid on flight tickets.


Any cancellation fee in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, except for cancellation by virtue of the law, shall be considered as agreed compensation in accordance with the provision of section 15 of the Contracts (Medicines) Law, 1971.

Any change is liable as cancellation unless otherwise stated by the service provider, after order confirmation and execution any change is charged for payment.



The unique local jurisdiction in any case against Olympus Conferences and Tourism Ltd. and / or anyone on its behalf and / or third parties, will be to the courts and only to the competent court in the city of Tel Aviv - Jaffa, in whose area the company's central branch is located. .


Statute of limitations - In accordance with the provision of section 19 of the Statute of Limitations Law, 1958, the client agrees that he will not be entitled to file against the company and / or anyone on its behalf any claim in connection with the ordering of the services ordered after two years from the date of order.



Rules for cancellation fees -

Cancellation fees for hotels and vacation packages in Israel:

Cancellation up to 14 days before the date of accommodation will be charged at 100 NIS per person and / or in accordance with the hotel's policy.


Cancellation 14 days and up to 7 days before the date of accommodation will be charged at 25% of the total booking value, or in accordance with hotel policy.



Cancellations 7 days or less before the date of accommodation will be charged at 50% of the total booking value, or in accordance with hotel policy.


Failure to arrive at the hotel will be charged at 75% of the total booking value, or in accordance with hotel policy


In addition to the above cancellation fee, a handling fee of NIS 100 per room will be charged



Cancellation / change fee for a vacation package abroad with charter flights The cancellation fee is determined by the various providers, and it is the duty of every customer to be interested in their rate.


It is clarified that the above does not infringe any provision of law and / or provisions of law and in particular the Consumer Protection Law. It is also recommended that you review the site's regulations and confirm it at the end of placing your order.

Olympus Conferences and Tourism wishes you an enjoyable vacation!



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